Flexible and Reliable Wide Area Networking that is fit for purpose

If you are looking for sophisticated, secure and flexible data network designed to fit your business need Crosspoint can design and deliver secure internet access and ensure your business network is running efficiently and smoothly throughout day to day operations.

Our team of qualified engineers are constantly monitoring the networks daily to identify and resolve issues to ensure we deliver a robust system that can be scaled to fit your business needs. Our networking solutions offer enterprise level infrastructure which means your data is managed by the best possible systems and we take pride in delivering this sophisticated solution in an affordable manner.

See below a list of networking services offered:

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-fi provides a secure internet Wi-Fi network for both employees and guests that is privately managed via the cloud. Connectivity is easy to attain and connection is fast and robust. A CrossPoint Cloud Wi-Fi solution allows you to reduce the cost and complexity of tradition onsite wireless solutions. Additionally our reporting systems mean you can access important information such as device types, user details and set up important guest access policies.

Take peace of mind in knowing a CrossPoint Wi-Fi solution offers advanced security to protect your network from attacks. Our team of experts constantly monitor usage and looking for threats and offsetting attacks. Eliminate the hassles of implementation and management and reduce your capital expenditures with a CrossPoint managed Wi-Fi solution.

Private IP Networks

CrossPoint IP network is faster and more secure than virtual private networks as site to site traffic never travels over the Internet, and therefore requires no encryption. Our Managed private network is designed to deliver critical business applications with the highest level of security. Take advantage of our secure, stable and scalable solution.

Managed Network Devices

At CrossPoint we offer end-to-end management of network devices from network routers, internet security devices and LAN switches, to configuration, monitoring, maintenance, repairs and replacement all backed by comprehensive SLAs. Our service is scalable and can be tailored to fit your specific business applications. A convenient and cost effective network management solution.

Remote Access

Looking to access your vital data from anywhere, anytime? With CrossPoint remote access service you can do just that, from outlook to local drives our team can set up remote access to allow you to securely access your computer Private IP network through a secure tunnel over the public internet creating a Virtual Private Networks. Perfect for a mobile work force or travelling sales team , remote access gives a business greater productivity and increased efficiency allowing tasks to be completed outside of the office. Our VPN connections allow the end user remote and secure access to all private network resources.

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