Managed IT Security

Ensure your vital business data is protected at all times.

With the increased use of social networks, cloud-based applications, mobile devices the risk of networks threats has been heightened. As we continue to exchange huge quantities of vital data through online channels we may unknowingly be at risk from network threats, email borne viruses, service disruptions or bandwidth-hungry application. To protect your business from these threats it is imperative to implement security around your IT infrastructure.

Our team can assist in the ongoing protection and safe guard of your IT infrastructure. We take the time to understand your existing environment and create a structured, secure design that protects your valuable information at every level. We deploy this solution efficiently and with minimal impact on business operations all backed by comprehensive SLAS. Meaning you can continue business operations with peace of mind knowing your business intelligence is safe from external influences.

  • Lower Total Cost of ownership – Our managed IT security service can be tailored to fit your business requirements resulting in you only paying for what you need. 
  • Peace of Mind – Our team of experienced security professionals significantly reduce the risk of your business by supplying secure fit for purpose solutions
  • Monitoring – We continually monitor and defend your network perimeter, intranet and business applications and offer visibility throughout the process.
  • Agile Processes – Flexible delivery options to meet your individual business security needs.

Types of Managed Security Services

Network Security
From device management, monitoring and remediation to anti-malware and IP filter software our network security options ensure your business IT infrastructure is safe from external threats. Access real time visibility and have greater control over utilization, security and performance

Email Security
Looking for email filtering that prevents incoming spam or virus laden emails? CrossPoints email security solution protects your business from harmful attacks, Trojans and malware resulting in increased productivity from team members, declutter of your inbox and protection of your business information and communication systems.

Web Security
As our online user habits increase we become more at risk from online born viruses and malware. You can’t always control user access and therefore using secure software can protect your online interaction. Web content filtering protects user productivity, blocks malware downloads and web threats, enables compliance and creates online security .

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