Business data backup and recovery solutions

If your business suffered a major server failure, how long could you survive without access to email, documents or your CRM database?

Would you be able to recover lost data? If so, what’s your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO)? How long would it take to be fully operational again? For most organisations, the loss of even one day’s worth of work would be disastrous.

Total peace of mind
With extensive experience in developing highly secure managed backup and recovery solutions, we can help minimise your RTO, maximise your RPO and protect your organisation’s critical data. What’s more, our scalable backup and recovery solutions can grow with your business and leverage virtualisation technology to save you time and money on unnecessary capital expenses or old tape backup technology.

Rapid disaster recovery
Our virtual disaster recovery services ensure that your IT environment can be quickly replicated and re-deployed in the case of server failure…and in a fraction of the time it would take to rebuild onsite physical infrastructure.

24/7 Monitoring
Our managed backup and recovery solutions are supported by the CrossPoint Service Centre (CSC), which monitors the status, performance and operation of your data protection systems. In the case of server failure, the CSC immediately activates the necessary recovery procedure to ensure your critical data and systems are secured and restored as quickly as possible.

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