IT Procurement

Looking to upgrade your existing hardware with minimal interruption to your business?

Whether you are looking to upgrade multiple office P.C’s or investigating alternative software options, CrossPoints team of professional procurement managers can assist you by offering sophisticated, efficient procurement options at the best price possible.

Crosspoint partner with the world’s leading vendors to supply a huge range of hardware and software products at the best possible market rate. Our team take the time to understand your existing infrastructure and operating platforms and offer advice and suggestions on alternative solutions that best fit your needs. Due to our strong relationships with vendors and efficient supply chains we can quickly supply a quote for your suggested items at a cost effective rate.

Our end-to-end approach means we manage the process from start to finish. Once the equipment is received we set up, install and ensure the hardware and software are working as expected. Our team work closely with you to deploy the products and services in a manner that has minimal disruption on your team and business. We continue to monitor and assist the rollout to ensure all users are confident and comfortable with using the new software and hardware and our helpdesk team are available for ongoing support and maintenance.

Benefits of using CrossPoint for IT Procurement:

  • Vendor Agnostic – We partner with a variety of well known, leading vendors and can source an assortment of alternative hardware and software solution that best fit your business requirements
  • Save Time and Money – Due to our large purchasing power we have the ability to negotiate the best market price and our existing supply channels mean we can deliver a quote in a matter of hours.
  • Reduce Capital Expenditure – CrossPoint offer a variety of payment options for Hardware and software procurement minimising capital outlay and affording your business to channel revenue into profit generating activities.
  • End-to-end IT procurement process – We don’t simply purchase the equipment and hand it over in the box, we take the time to configure, set up and deploy the hardware and ensure your team are confident to use the new system.

Save time and money on internal hardware and software procurement and let the Crosspoint team source the right product for your business. Interested in upgrade your IT hardware or software today? Contact Us

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