Private Cloud

Eliminate the need to purchase expensive serves, licenses, data centre space and networking equipment and utilise a CrossPoint Managed Service Private Cloud. A Private Cloud can be set up in any organisation and allows businesses to enjoy all the benefits of Cloud Computing from within the security of their own network and firewalls. Our solution can be completely tailored to fit your business requirements and our team of experts in the area of cloud architecture.


  • Greater Reliability - Private clouds offer enhanced and more predictable service availability for users and are supported by more fault tolerant network backbones. The creation of virtualised operating environments means that the network is more resilient to individual failures across the physical infrastructure
  • Security – protected within internal office firewalls and restricted connections made from one organisations employees ensure tighter security
  • More Control – Accessibility is limited and therefore gives organisations more control over the configuration and management of a private cloud
  • Dedicated Service Level Agreements

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