Hybrid Cloud

Reduce total cost of ownership and promote mobility and accessibility through CrossPoints Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Utilising a combination of both private and on premise resources a Hybrid Cloud creates a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing sensitive applications and data are secured within the private cloud environment whilst other key applications are delivered through the public cloud. At CrossPoint we take the time to understand your existing infrastructure environment and devise a solution that is fit for purpose. Depending on the goals and existing position of your IT environment a Hybrid Cloud solution can offer seamless integration of the best elements of both the public and private cloud.


Scalability - Whereas the size of public clouds is ultimately limited by the total available hardware, hybrid clouds can take advantage of almost any unlimited scalability of public clouds

Cost effective - A Hybrid cloud is configured to use both private and public clouds, it allows users access to significant economies of scale without exposing mission-critical applications or vital data to third-party vulnerabilities

Security - One of the main concerns of a public cloud is data integrity and security, but by using a hybrid cloud, businesses are able to maintain in-house storage for sensitive operations

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