Cloud Infrastructure & Management

At CrossPoint we believe the shift to cloud infrastructure is inevitable. It today’s fast paced business environment it is important that businesses have the tools and support to allow IT operations to take place in an efficient, cost effective and agile manner. Enterprise level Cloud infrastructure offers a more responsive IT platform with the benefits of scalability, significant cost savings and increased agility with infinite elasticity and flexibility.

A CrossPoint Cloud Solution are fit for purpose. We take the time to understand your existing infrastructure, needs and goals and then set a defined strategy and road map to meet your business requirements. Our Cloud infrastructure can be implemented via a private or public cloud or a combination of the two as a Hybrid Cloud. Access your valuable data from anywhere, anytime and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is managed on a secure, protected Cloud based platform

Private Cloud - Eliminate the need to purchase expensive serves, licenses, data centre space and networking equipment and utilise a CrossPoint Managed Service Private Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud – A CrossPoint Hybrid Cloud solution offers a combination of security and privacy derived from a private cloud coupled with flexibility, cost advantage and scalability normally acquired via a public cloud. If you are looking for an agile and scalable model then the Hybrid Cloud could be the right solution for you.

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